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Temperatures throughout Pennsylvania have reached many record highs during recent warm weather seasons. This makes it a necessity to ensure that your air conditioning systems are operating up to par for the safety and well-being of people at live in your home or utilize your commercial building properties throughout Philadelphia and surrounding communities.

At Vaughn Moore, we have the technology, knowledge, and dedication to meet even the most complex AC product and service needs our friends and neighbors throughout the area may encounter. It is our mission to provide the services that meet the highest level of standards within this service industry. We have worked diligently to obtain the ability to meet the diverse needs that are encountered with all types of HVAC systems that our customers depend on for comfortable and safe living and working environments.

Through Vaughn Moore, we are able to provide you with products and services for your air conditioning systems including:

• Complete AC System Design and Installations
• Manufacturer’s Suggested Maintenance
• System Repair and Troubleshooting
• Complete System Cleaning and Sanitation
• Inspections
• Diagnostic Testing
• Replacement
• Energy Efficiency Testing
• And Much More!

Our service contractors understand the importance of providing prompt attention for your air conditioning system needs. We carry all major replacement parts that can allow us to deliver immediate services for most make and model air condition system repair needs that you may encounter. Services are completed in an organized manner, so disruptions within your home and business are as minimal as possible. We do obtain all necessary permits and required inspections for you.

Here at Vaughn Moore, we stand behind all products and services that we provide for the needs of our customer. Should you ever encounter a problem with a product or service we deliver, we will work quickly to correct the issue you may be experiencing.